10 Wedding Gift Ideas For Rich Couples That Aren't Ridiculously Expensive


If you are invited to the wedding of someone extremely wealthy, it can be tricky to know what sort of gift to get them. You could spend a lot of money on a piece of art or an antique item, and still end up with something that isn’t good enough for them. If you want to give them something memorable and thoughtful while not breaking the bank, there are some great inexpensive options that aren’t kitschy or cheap.

There are many reasons why couples may have expensive tastes- maybe they both like nice clothes and are willing to spend a lot on fashion. Maybe they love fine dining and drinking, or perhaps they both have expensive hobbies like horse-riding or golf. Whatever their interests, here are 10 affordable but excellent gifts for rich couples.


A Good Watch

A good watch is something that will last a long time and is a classic piece of jewelry that most people will own at some point in their lives. Watches can be very expensive, and so getting one as a gift really shows that you have taken the couple’s tastes into account. There are so many types of watches out there, so you can easily find something to suit the couple’s tastes. For example, if they are both outdoorsy people, or if they have a specific hobby like horse-riding, golf, or skiing, there are many watches out there targeted at those activities. For example, if the bride is into horse-riding, then a rider-style watch would be perfect. If the groom is into golf, then a golf-themed watch would suit him. If you are struggling to find something suitable, then a beautiful Swiss watch is always a safe option!


An Experience Gift Card

If the bride and groom love to travel, then a gift card for an experience such as a flying lesson, a safari, or a cooking class would be a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift. If you don’t know what experiences they would like, then you could get them a gift card to their favorite travel brand, or you could get them an experience gift card that allows them to choose their own adventure. A site like Travel Gift Cards makes it easy to find gift cards for all sorts of travel experiences, from helicopter rides to hot air balloon rides to wine tastings. You can even get gift cards for hotels if the couple like traveling a lot.


Artisanal Food

Many wealthy couples have gourmet tastes, and so getting them some gourmet food would make an excellent gift. There are a couple of ways you could do this. If you know the couple likes specific types of food, then you could get them a gift basket containing delicacies from their region of the world. If you don’t know what they like, then you could get them an artisanal food hamper that contains foods made by small, specialized producers. For example, there are many artisanal food gift baskets that contain specialty foods from different countries around the world. These would make a great gift for a couple that loves to explore different cultures through their food.


A Travel or Fitness Gift

If the couple like to travel, then you could gift them a travel-related item. For example, you could get them a luxury travel pillow, a travel blanket, or a tour guide of the city they have always dreamed of going to. If the bride and groom are into sports and fitness, you could get them a gift card to a sporting event in their city or a fitness class or membership to a fancy gym. You could also get them a wearable fitness tracker if they have fitness aspirations.


A Smart Speaker Or Smart Device

If the bride and groom have expensive tastes when it comes to technology, then a smart speaker would be a great gift for them. If they are more into apps and software, then you could get them a subscription to a software service such as Adobe Creative Cloud. If they have expensive tastes when it comes to cleaning, you could get them an automatic floor cleaner, or a robot mop. If you don’t know what kind of smart device or subscription service would be best for the couple, then you could get them a gift card for a tech store like Apple, Amazon, or Google. You could also get them a gift card for their favorite tech brand to make things easier.


A Luxury Shower Product

If the bride and groom have expensive tastes when it comes to hygiene, then a luxury shower product would make a thoughtful gift. You could get them a fancy, scented shower gel, or a luxurious bath bomb, or a pampering gift set. If the couple plans to have children soon, then you could get them a luxurious bath product like a bathtub that is designed for kids. This can be really fun and will make bath time enjoyable for both the kids and the parents.


A Wedding Photo Book

If the couple loves photography, then a photo book of their wedding photos would make a thoughtful and personal gift. Photo books are inexpensive, easy to make, and can be customized to suit the couple’s tastes and interests. You could also create a photo book of the gifts guests have given the couple so they have a keepsake of this part of their special day. You can create photo books on Amazon or you could also use an online service like Mixbook that allows you to choose from a variety of ready-made templates.


A High-End Coffee Machine Or Espresso Maker

Many people from a variety of different lifestyles enjoy drinking coffee. As such, it is a drink that many couples with expensive tastes would appreciate receiving as a gift. If the couple enjoys a particular type of coffee, then you could get them a high-end coffee machine for their home that is compatible with the type of beans or grounds they prefer. If you don’t know what kind of coffee the couple likes, you could get them a gift card for a coffee shop or a gift card for a coffee brand. This way, they can choose the type of coffee machine or coffee product they’d like to have.


A Watch Roll Or Safe

If the couple has expensive watches, then a watch roll would make a great gift. It would be perfect for the couple to store their watches in. Alternatively, you could get them a safe to store expensive jewelry, watches, or other valuables. If the couple likes to collect expensive items, then you could get them a safe to store them in. A safe is a great gift because it allows the couple to feel safe while storing their most precious items and keeps them out of sight and out of mind for the rest of the family. If you are struggling to find the right gift for the couple, then a timeless, classic piece of jewelry would be a safe option. You could also get them a gift card to an antique store or a high-end jewelry store.


Drone for the Groom

Drones are not just for filming anymore. They are used to deliver food and medicine to remote areas, inspect buildings and bridges, and even help firefighters put out fires. While drones have been around for many years, they are becoming more popular than ever before because of the technology they offer. Drones have become a popular way to capture footage from different angles. With a drone, the groom can get a bird’s eye view of his wedding day and will use this unique gift for a very long time.



Weddings are an important event in many people’s lives, but most couples can’t afford to spend an obscene amount on their big day. If you are attending the wedding of a rich couple, then you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the pressure of finding a suitable gift. However, there are many available gift options that aren’t ridiculously expensive. Even when the bride and groom have expensive tastes, there are more than a few gifts that will be perfect for them. You are sure to find a gift out of these ten wedding gift ideas that won’t break the bank, and will be a hit with any couple no matter how rich they are.


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