10 Awesome Gifts For Him that He’ll Actually Want to Get


Guys are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, and that’s because they tend to be more practical with their gifts than other recipients. Men don’t tend to be as excited about receiving gifts as women do – unless of course that gift happens to be something they’ve been lusting after for ages, or something super useful like a new tool or clothing item that he’ll actually get a lot of use out of. If you’re struggling to think of what kind of gift to get your special guy this year, you’ve come to the right place! We understand how hard it can be to shop for men and have put together an awesome list of gift ideas that will be perfect for the guy in your life. Whether he is a sports fan or prefers classical music, there are plenty of options on our list. This article details some fun, creative and useful gift ideas no man will ever say ‘no’ to!


A Wireless Speaker

What guy doesn’t love music? Whether it’s in the shower, cleaning the house, or blasting out the car windows on a road trip, music is everywhere in a man’s life. And, while he probably already has a set of speakers, adding a wireless speaker to the mix could be a great gift idea. This is a particularly good gift for guys who love to cook and bake. Whether he’s listening to music on Spotify or an audio recipe, getting a wireless speaker means he can keep his hands free for cooking and always have his audio near at hand. This is also a really good gift for guys who commute to work by car. Whether they’re taking a hands-free phone call or listening to their favorite podcasts or stations, a wireless speaker means they can keep their focus on the road.


A Smart Watch

Smart watches are a great gift for any guy. Whether it’s a fitness-oriented model or one that’s more geared towards functionality, these watches are super helpful for keeping track of your day-to-day activities and keeping you on task. A smart watch is a great gift for the man in your life who’s constantly on the go. From storing and tracking fitness data to keeping an eye on his schedule and important notifications, a smart watch is super handy and easy to use. A fitness-oriented smart watch is a great gift for the health-conscious guy in your life. Whether he likes to run or hit the weights, tracking his activities is super easy with a smart watch. You can also use them to track your sleep, which can be really useful for people who have trouble sleeping.


Something for His car

If your guy loves music and you're looking for a gift that will mean the world to him, consider getting him a new car stereo. If you have kids, then new car seat covers could be an excellent gift idea! The best part? They come in so many different colors and patterns that there are bound to be several styles that your man will love! You could also get him a pack of air fresheners for his car. There are a variety of scents that can make any car smell expensive and which he will appreciate.


Games He’ll Love to Play

If the guy you’re buying for is the kind of guy who likes nothing better than to kick back and relax with a bit of gaming, then gifting him a new video game or two is a great idea. The trick, of course, is finding a game he’ll love to play but might not have thought to buy for himself. Games for consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are great gift options for any guy with a gaming setup in his home.


An awesome jacket

If your guy's a jacket connoisseur, it's time to give him the gift of an awesome leather jacket. There are so many different options out there right now that you can choose from. From classic bomber jackets to peacoats and parkas (the perfect wintertime staple). You'll have fun finding something that fits his style and needs while also being functional enough for everyday use.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect leather jacket. First, consider his personal style and how he typically dresses. If your guy wears mostly jeans and t-shirts, steer clear of anything too trendy. Also, check out what brands he already owns or has worn before. You don't want to duplicate gifts that he's already received from you or someone else!


New sunglasses

A man's style is an important part of his identity, and he'll appreciate a gift that reflects his personal look. If you're looking for something really practical, consider giving him a nice pair of sunglasses.

There are lots of options when it comes to finding the right kind of sunglasses for men. The most common kinds include aviator-style frames with metal hinges (which help keep them secure) and plastic lenses that are shatterproof. If he prefers prescription lenses over non-prescription ones, then those will also work well as gifts. It's important to note that while there are many different types available on the market today, not all pairs fit everyone equally well. Try to get him a pair that will look great on him.


An Electronic Blanket

If you’re shopping for a man who likes his creature comforts, gifting him an electric blanket is sure to be a hit. These blankets plug into the wall and allow you to adjust the temperature so you can snuggle up in a warm and cozy bed even in the winter months. A top-of-the-line electronic blanket is a great gift for the man in your life who is always cold and likes his bed to be just the right temperature. These blankets also come in a range of styles and designs so you can choose something that’s both practical and looks great in any bedroom.


A Travel Mug

If the guy you’re shopping for is always on the go, then a travel mug is a great gift idea. These mugs are perfect for taking coffee to go and keeping it hot, or even a hot chocolate on a cold day. A travel mug is a great gift for the guy in your life who likes to enjoy his coffee on the go. These mugs keep beverages hot for hours so even if you’re in a rush and don’t have time for a sit down, you can still get your morning caffeine fix. They’re also really handy for people who work in busy offices where there’s no time for a proper break. With a mug like this, your man can grab a quick cup of coffee and get back to work without losing any productivity.


A New Wallet or Smartphone Case

If the guy you’re buying for is the type to lose his wallet at the first opportunity, or if his Smartphone case is falling apart, then gifting him a new one is a great option. There are a ton of different wallet and Smartphone case designs to choose from. From novelty prints like funny movie quotes or sports team logos, to more classic designs like black or brown leather, there’s sure to be something for every guy.


Tickets to a concert or sporting event

Tickets to a concert or sporting event are a great way to show your man you care. If he loves sports, tickets to an upcoming game or series of games will be sure to make him feel special. If he likes music, tickets for concerts and musicals are sure to please. If your man wants something other than the usual traditional gifts like clothes or electronics, consider buying him sports travel experiences like a premier League travel package if he is a soccer fan, or a Kentucky Derby package if he is into horse racing. You’ll both enjoy them more!



Guys are a particularly tricky bunch to shop for. Not only do they have specific tastes and a clear picture of what they want, they also tend to be very practical. This makes it even more important to really understand your guy’s interests and personality. If you’re looking for gift ideas for the man in your life, one of these gifts on our list is sure to be a hit. The important thing is to think about your guy’s interests and lifestyle, and then find a gift that suits those things perfectly.


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